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The Costing Dilemma in the Patents World

 Costing is essentially the first things that comes in our mind, when we hear the term “patent”. Why? Well, because its human nature to comprehend the various financial aspects of anything being executed or bought, be it goods or services. That being said, in the patents world, the cost


Utility Patent vs Design Patent

 Now, that we are involved with all kinds of patent related technical stuff, revolving around us in this current world, it is important to understand and indulge oneself to understand the basic differences between the basic terms, used in day-to-day business in the Patent(s) arena. So as one should know about this, the knowledge of such terms and other related things, can and will help one to actually know the business going ar


Patent Drawings: Draw on your own or hire a professional.

 Everyone in this modern world is mostly capable of doing things or mostly, wants to do things on its own, to minimize the external disturbances of any sort, so that there is always a personal touch in the said work being executed by the said person. Nevertheless, when it comes to Patent Drawings, this is


Everything you need to know about design patent drawings.

 In this modern world, which is full of atrocities and opportunity grabbing people, which can literally do anything to grasp that iota of a profit, execute their selfish deeds by copying or stealing other ideas. These ideas or inventions can be of utmost importance to both the inventor and the whole world, if and when protected by the right authority, in intricate details, with full formality and the will to protect it from those evil symbolical hands of the above-mentioned peo


Importance of Drawings in Provisional Patent Application.

 Patent, the ultimate tool to protect the interest of one’s proprietary, through legal enforcement and utmost perfection of the firm providing the same, is the new paradigm shift in almost every field in existence. Earlier, it was a myth or just a mere precautionary which was kept at the bottom of the stack, getting minimal attention from the owners. B


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