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How can I order an illustration?

In order to recieve a drawing/illustration, you need a valid credit card, debit card or a PayPal account. For more information, you can visit our FAQ section.

How do we preserve the confidentiality of our product and information?

United Patent Solutions respects the confidentiality of drawings by all means. All our employees are bound by the "confidentiality agreement" which legally prohibits them to disseminate the sensitive information regarding our client's work and data provided by them. An NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) agreement is also validated with us before anyone can submit any of their data, thus providing an additional layer of legal protection for our clients. 

What are the various payment methods do we accept?

We prefer to accept payments via PayPal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking etc. But, if somehow, a problem occurs regarding the payments then you can contact us through Email or can directly call us, through the provided contact information on our official website

Can we submit some samples of your product instead of the photographs or any other means? If so, then how?

Sure, you can. Just click pictures of your sample from all the possible dimensions such as front, back, right, left, top and bottom. Also, you can submit a 360 degree angled video of your sample and send it to us via mail, or any other medium through which it was sent before.

How to initiate the "Order" process?

By visiting our "United Patent Solutions" website, you can click on the "order now" option. After the said click on ‘Utility Patent Drawings’ option or "Design Patent Drawing" option, to initiate the order of the patent drawings, you have to follow the process being provided on the screen that will follow. Furthermore, share the crucial details and make the following, reliable purchase. 

What is Utility Patent Drawing?

'Utility Patent Drawing' prohibits other individuals or companies from making, using or selling the invention without authorization. It vaguely and completely covers the creation of a new, improved and useful product, process or machine, in a way that it would be legally un-poachable by the rival individual or companies, whatever the case maybe.

What if any correction is being brought to us?

If an error occurs from our side then we will be directly liable to rectify it without charging anything. However, if there are changes or alterations from our client’s side, regarding the already availed service, then the said client will be charged as per the normal rates, relating to the said alterations. 

What information do you need to provide, so as to avail patent drawing services ?

You can send anything that can help us understand your masterpieces in a better and precise ways like screenshots, sketches, instructions, photographs, informal drawings, AutoCAD files, brochures, videos or anything which is comprehensible by our professional team. Furthermore, if any inconvinience is occured in skimming through the desired data by our professional team, the same will be communicated to you for positive alterations, as and when required.

What are the significance's of the "Order Form" at United Patent Solutions?

If you register with us through the order form, then you'll be able to connect with us directly and easily, furthermore easing the process of communication. By doing the following registration, you can track your product at any moment as you deem fit. Basically, it's all about the safety of your ordered products at your convenience. However, it is completely advisory and NOT COMPULSORY, as to whether you register or not. Again, it’s all about the safety of your product.

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