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Everyone seeks a rewarding career. United Patent Solutions welcomes every such individual with ignited minds and a will to work for an industry that helps you grow. United Patent Solutions strongly believes in commitment and compassion, so working with us requires a certain set of qualities.

Why work with us?

United Patent Solutions provide the best of environment for your skills to grow, to a level where professionalism and proficiency would be a natural trait for you. Learning from the exceptionally skilled employees, all the while under the guidance of our experienced directors and managers would further motivate you to give your hundred percent.

A place where the smallest actions are converted into opportunities, mistakes are deemed as learning stepping-stones, and most of all, where you will definitely feel at home, United Patent Solutions is eagerly waiting for you!

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Who can apply?

We seek passionate and creative young minds to join our team. Everyone who is determined and is devoted to work with us is always welcome. However, we encourage you to go through the following requirements that we expect from our future team members.


Nobody can succeed without laying a proper ideal for his work life. We expect a self-motivated individual, who stands by his values and is a man/woman of his/her words. United Patent Solutions is a reputed workplace where we admire the discipline and dedication of all our team members since that is exactly what we promise to our customers. All you need is a mixture of passion and a good set of values to comply with our terms.

Smart work

Our industry demands all its professionals to multi-task all sorts of things in a single moment. Being able to balance this work will need each team member to organize things smartly. We run by the clock, and giving commitments is only meaningful if you stand by it. We respect everyone who has a modern and fresh outlook to how things work. We also welcome new ideas and creative minds with an added practicality to their innovations.


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