Elaborate the initiation process with respect to UPS?

All you need to do is to send an e-mail to our official email ID (info@unitedpatentsolutions.com), and mention as many details/requirements about your project/work as you can. That’s it! the rest of the process would be done by us. Moreover, our sales executive would revert to you within 24 hours of your inquiry and would assist you further, in case of missed details, crucial information, etc. Following the same, the cost estimate of your project/work would be provided to you. UPS team would then officially begin your work, ONLY after your approval of the same.

How much time would it take to completion?

We prioritise quality over quantity. Henceforth, our commitment is straightforward of a normal 4-5 working days, which might be extended, adhering to the number of drawings, complexities, volume of your concerned project/work.
Don’t worry! Any extension taken by UPS would be communicated to you before-hand.

What about the duration taken for corrections/iterations?

UPS has an unlimited correction/iteration policy. Meaning, you can contact us officially for n-numbers of iterations/correction, and the same would be completed by our team within 24 hours of the said official communication.

Any charges for iterations/corrections?

As we mentioned above, our unlimited iteration/correction policy is totally and absolutely free of cost. Hence, there would be no extra charges for the same.

Do you guys accept urgent requests?

Urgent or snap projects/work are accepted by UPS, for both the cases of utility and designs.

Please note that the same would incur extra, but minimal charges due to its accelerated nature.

What about the turnaround for said urgent requests?

Adhering to the nature of such request, team UPS prioritise them at the utmost level, with a committed completion time of 24 hours to 48 hours, respectively.

Any extra charges for adding numerals/numberings?

UPS does not charge extra for any kind of numberings, numerals, or anything of the same nature.
Once you are fully satisfied with your drawings and have finalized the same, you can come to us with the same for the relevant adding of numberings/numerals, respectively.

What modes of payment do you accept?

UPS accepts payments through wire transfers, PayPal, and through checks.

What is your policy for advance payments? Is Advance payment mandatory?

Team UPS incorporates a trust between them and their fellow customers, to the utmost level. Therefore, to show our side of the trust, we UPS do not ask their clients to pay in advance. You can pay us at the end of the month.

What if my firm has a policy of paying after 90 days? Would it impact my orders, considering I want

Not at all! If you are bound by your firm’s policy, then we respect the same. You can safely pay us after the required number of days you are authorized by your firm.
In such cases, you have to let UPS be in contact with your firm’s Accounts Department. This ensures confirmation of the said paying policy, and smooth transfer of payment(s).

Do you provide samples of your work?

We surely do! You can access our intricate and detailed samples, on our official website.

We provide sample drawings for each and every domain we provide our services in, to satisfy our customers/clients of our quality of work.

Can you provide a pilot project for my satisfaction which is free of cost?

As we have mentioned before, UPS is all about trust with their clients. Therefore, to make our clients happy, we do provide pilot projects to remove any doubt from our client’s mind regarding our work.

Please note: The said pilot project is limited to one drawing only and would be totally free of cost.

What are your office hours?
For the convenience of our clients, we are open 24*7!
I just got an office action in my Design patent application. Can you guys handle it?

Our efficient and effective team at UPS, is fully capable of handling utility/deigns office actions, professionally.

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